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NHID offers you wholesome services in interior design, architecture outdoor planing and styling  in Switzerland and abroad. Our residential projects involve flats, houses, villas and holiday homes. Furthermore we specialise in retail and hospitality by (re)designing shops, restaurants and hotels.

NHID’s work ranges from giving a single room a new look, redesigning a whole villa from head to toe or building a restaurant from scratch. In everything we do we start with the core: you and your vision together with a space and its soul. Our international clientele values our expertise and understanding for high standards. We live luxury in all the spaces we create - not as a means to impress, but with the conviction that high quality in materials, services  and craftsmanship is the foundation for a long lasting satisfaction with our creations. This is furthermore ensured through our extensive knowledge of the contemporary design landscape and partnerships with selected artists, designers and craftsmen.


if you would like to discuss with us your ideas and needs, send us an e-mail with your requests


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